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From: Abakarh
12/13/2012 21:53:46

Please, kindly allow me introduce myself to you:

My fore name is: Abakarh, middle: Goya, sur: Yahya and maiden: Kaltuma. I am a bachelor (single). A young male Nigeria citizen, born in these earths at mourning time, 09:30am on Monday, 21st of June, in the year 1985 to weigh 3.4kg, normal and white in complexion. I hail from the konduga Local Government Area of Borno state, in northeastern part of Nigeria. It is a country in the continent of Africa, known to be the “Giant”. There are three majorities of the plenty tribes in Nigeria, namely: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. Mine is a minority, known as the "Shuwa-Arab" tribe of the Ancient Arabian Ethnicities, originally from the middle-east and we are of Muslim families! I am personally a Jew (the holy book of: Torah, and the Sacred Synagogue Vicinity), Christian (the holy book of: Bible, and the Sacred Church Vicinity) and Muslim (the noble book of: Qur’an, and the Sacred Mosque Vicinity), altogether in my own religious believes (Chris-Mu-Jew or Theologist). I belong to an extensive blood caucus in which I happen to be the second eldest son and fifth overall by my mother, and the third eldest son and sixth overall by my father. We are a family of twenty four. My parent comprises of the father; “late Alhaj: Yahya Abu-Bakr Abdullah” and my mother; “late Hajje: Kaltuma Ahmad Ibrahim.”  Both did carry a history of the breadwinning responsibilities. My late father married three wives and we lived a polygamous family. My late mother was his first wife. We call our place of prayer or worship a Mosque (Masjid), where we do Islamic services; perform our five distinct compulsory daily prayers at specific intervals and voluntary ones too. Fasting in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan comes once a year as a must do for thirty consecutive days, anyhow. We believe in all the true prophets of God (Allah) and credit the five most important of them, the children of Prophet Adam, who are: Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isa) and Muhammad (S.A.W.). We proclaim that there is no deity worthy of worship but the lord, God (Allah) and the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is His servant and messenger. As in my family occupation, we own a haulage industry which deals on the transportation of large cargo goods by trucks (18-Wheelers), from locations like the Nigerian port stations, companies and individual bases, to various destinations nationwide. Livestock of cattle, sheep and goat for dairy products, is a part of our business. Farming is moderately in practice. We also have a construction firm that builds houses, plus a petroleum franchise. I agree to the acknowledgement of our life approaches, yielding in the ultimate journey for human beings, others and things, apparent in the cycles which starts from the activities of semen formation, to the womb, world, grave and eternal resurrection, including where circumstances may refer life leads to and changes or circulationally, a flow, forever.

All the way in my educational career through my secondary school graduation in the year 2002, I had always been to Islamic Schools within and inside my home. There, I learnt how to read and write in Arabic language. I gained enormous core values in the religion of Islam, touching the tactical progressive reading, understanding and memorization of the noble, holy or glorious Qur’an, the Hadith as the teachings of the holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and other Islamic materials. When I was only three years old, during the year 1988, I attended an urban kindergarten school, called the Alexko Educational Centre, in a Barrack, near my home, till year 1991. After that, in the year 1991, I was enrolled into a private British-Nigeria “Jenny Jones Nursery and Primary school” (J.J.S.), at Wema, Olodi-Apapa, in Lagos state, Nigeria. There, I obtained a primary school leaving certificate after sitting for the Common Entrance Examination and graduated in the year 1996. Then, commencing high school in the Hope Bay College, surfaced a drop-out. I later proceeded to the Federal Government College (F.G.C.), Kaduna state, Nigeria and maintained as boarding-house student for my entire six years of studies. Also, I earned a portfolio of the library prefect, among a selection of final year students of the 2002 session. Before graduation from the F. G. C. Kaduna, through the years 1996 to 2002, I sat for the West African Examination Council (W.E.A.C.) and the National Examination Council (NECO) Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSCE), in the final year. With the Dalenix Computech at Festac town, Lagos state, Nigeria, I achieved a certificate of diploma in desktop computer publishing, in April of the year 2003. On August of the year 2003, I traveled to the United States of America as an F-1 International Student through a four year university in admission on absolute private sponsorship from my biological family (Father) and returned September, year 2005 (26-months stay). 

However, in future, I have an intention to be a world-class medical doctor, religious scholar and a farmer. Already, I have a foundation in pre-health professional studies, biology, with the Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama, United States of America (U.S.A.). I regret that my total college credits are of the freshman class in biology, even at this time of November, year 2012, considering I started the program in August of year 2003 and to end in May of year 2007, too bad. So, I’m now left behind my mates. Anyways, only two semesters are remaining for the completion of an associate degree. Through the Lissan Al-Arab Arabic Language Institute, I was rendered a physical class room attendance 12-months certificate program, in Hayyul-A’Shir, Nasr-City, Cairo, Egypt. All my life, I have been saving lives through various organizations that I belong. For example: the Golden Neo-Life Diamite International (Pty) Ltd. (G.N.L.D.), the Red Cross Society of Nigeria (R.C.S.N.), Federal Road Safety Commission (F.R.S.C.), the Jacksonville State University’s Muslim Students Association (M.S.A.), Automotives {(the Federal-Mogul Corporation) – ($10.32 USD per hour - $3,000.00 USD per month – $36,000.00 USD per year - 8 to 10 hours work time per day and 6 to 7 days works per week)}, Telecommunication (the Entronix International Corporation), the Goya Nigeria Limited (G.N.L.) - Lagos State, Nigeria, West-Africa, the International Restaurant Group (Mercato Italiano Restaurant, 4th floor, Food Court, City Star Mall, Makram Abeed, Cairo, Egypt, East-Africa), and host of others. Thus, I’m preparing my mind towards the Herculean task of becoming a qualitative medical doctor.

On the basis of these, further and continuous improvements, my dream of becoming a successful medical doctor must come to actualization and safe against hindrance, misleading or jeopardy. To avoid Causing difficulties, shameful failure to my family and backwardness in my education, etc. And, in association with a result to an acquired compulsive paranoid delusions, compulsive obsessions, hallucinations, uncontrollable painful talking and laughing alone, psychotic disorders, defecation problems (fecal impaction or pot belly), urination and sweat seizure, bodily paralysis or redundancies. Some that may lead towards an addiction to drugs, due to disturbance, pains, injuries, loss of wealth or damages, being poisoned, threats to death, senility, insomnia or anything of long-term affective negative dangerous effects. That can be possibly be made new to me by evil doers, especially while under closed or locked captivity in any cult-like units by its personals and without my consent. Even, if through a religious organization’s provisions in which my belief differs - like their hospitals (E.g. The Caraway Methodist Health Center, 9th floor, Birmingham, Alabama, U. S. A. – lead by Dr. Garry S. Grayson and Co.) and so on. It’s all by any oppressive infidel crusaders, enemies and or racist. Whatever position, power, knowledge, strategy and or authority possessed in anyways, in the name of Allah I pray, Amin. I, Master: Abakarh Goya Yahya, born, raised and taught in southwestern Lagos State of Nigeria, combines a background in Islam, science, agriculture and commerce with a passion for worshiping, socialization, exercise and a love of studying abroad. In my own philosophy of the universe, people and life, I discovered that in the world today: “few are born lucky, while others luck trusted upon them. Painfully, many are bond by the devil and some are held captive, afflicted and suffering. In the hierarchy of mankind, the strong survives.”

I am a God (Allah) believer, English, Arabic and Hausa languages linguist, Universal Muslim outreach Islamic monotheist, who preaches the gospel of Allah, the one and the creator. “The Qur’an declares that Allah says in “Chapter of the Dwellings (Suratul Hujurat)”: (In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful): *O mankind! We have created you from a male, Adam (Adam) and female, Eve (Hauwa), then pluralized you into nations and tribes, that you may know yourselves. The most honorable amongst you to Allah are the believers who have faith, the pious. Verily, Allah is all-knowing, all-aware (Qur’an 49:13).” I am heterosexual, herbivore and of the believers who is suffering from undue medical surgeries severely, currently and adversely. Certainly, I am straight and so totally abstain from the indulgence of masturbation, oral and or, with anal, as these are forbidden in Islam, but opposite genital sex (Penis versus vagina performance exercises), on a genuinely pure, clean and genetically match female person who is straight, nice and lovely, couple of marriage only. I am a normal, responsible, nice, careful, tough, aggressive, handsome, brave, wise, reasonable, considerate, disciplined, intelligent, good mannered, polite, honest, insister, helpful, hardworking, strong, tolerant, perseverant, committed, loyal, vigilant, merciful, sensible, modest, smart, generous, friendly and respectful man who usually shows affections, cares and safeties to animals, nature, himself, others and or every creation. Again, I forbid all kinds of threats.

I have learnt many lessons in life:

“Life is what one makes out of it.”

“Life means more than a bed of rosy.”

“There is a reason for, position in or purpose of doing something in life.”

“What goes around comes around.”

“Sleep may only be a vital part of the cycle in human life.”

“Always protect yourself! Resist temptation! Beware, wise and be warned!”

“The Salty, sugary and fresh, or acidic, neutral and alkaline are distinct.”

“I do avoid all intoxicants: smoking, alcohols, drugs and or gambling.”

“We meet and depart repeatedly as death is a certainty.”

"Birds of the same feathers flock together."

"Man must not live by bread alone."

"No food for lazy man."

"Ignorance is darker than night."

"Knowledge is the secret of success."

"United shall stand, divided will fall."

"The journey of a thousand miles begins by one step."

"Why do people kill themselves?"

“Living a peaceful life is better than gracious tragedy"

“Health is your greatest wealth”

“At the end of a tunnel is light.”

I also belong to the school of thought that says; “life lies before us like a dream”. Our vision in life is to do our parts and leave some footprints on the sands of times.

From: EhvYAHtahrAbielBenIsrael
11/24/2012 17:59:18

Todah.In Hebrew means "thanks". Thank you for your Lagosmeet friendship, Rosechris.

11/23/2012 08:20:56


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From: murphypedro
11/09/2012 03:02:16

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From: Ebije
11/05/2012 12:48:58

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11/05/2012 03:36:44

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