Title: slideway lubricants
Description: The greases and oils are mainly used to increase the performance of machines. The greases is a semisolid content. It containing high viscosity. Sometimes the machines are low performance, so the greases are used to increase the performance of the machines. The oils are mainly used to avoid the frictions of the machines .The oils and greases both are same function for the machines. The oil is mainly used in the car engine. The greases is a more lubricant the the oils. Sometimes it is better than the oils. Machines heat are easy to reduce by using the greases and oils. Oils are mainly used in a liquid lubricant. The greases and oils are mixed with using the thickening agent. The greases are the type of shear thinning. viscosity of the fluid is reduced by under shear. Greases are prepared by combining lime with olive oil. Centralized lubrication system are used to control the amount of lubricant. There are two types of system can be used oil system and greases system. the oil system are mainly used in the stationary manufacturing equipment like CNC milling. The greases are used in mobile units like truck, mining ,construction equipment etc. Centralized lubricant system include single line parallel system, dual line parallel system, single line resistance, oil re-circulating etc .lubricant is a substance to reduce the friction and wear at the interface of two materials. The lubricant at the interface reduce the adhesive friction by lower shear. The performance of liquid or greases is lubricant. Main process of lubricant is reduce the friction of machines. Slideway lubricants