Description: For many brides, the wedding day is all about the dress (after marrying the love of your life, of course). But what a bride-to-be wants and what she can afford are often two very different things. With the average cost of weddings now standing at £27,000 in the UK – and more than £38,000 in London – it has become seemingly normal to blow your life savings when it comes to saying “I do” - a large proportion of which frequently goes on the gown. However, a new generation of penny-pinching women are now prioritising other things such as housing, and choosing to spend less on their wedding dresses as a result. “My dress was from Vivien of Holloway and it cost around £250,” Gemma, 31 from Kent told The Independent. “At the time there were very little options from wedding boutiques if you wanted a teal length, 50s style dress and if they did have them, they were outrageous prices. “I wouldn’t ever part with thousands of pounds for a dress that would be worn for a day. It’s such a bad investment.” According to new research by online fashion marketplace Lyst, the average cost of a wedding dress is now just £832, a 20 per cent drop from last year when the average spend surpassed £1112. That’s an impressive saving of nearly £300. A trend encouraged by the rise of high-street bridal collections, the pressure on women to spend eye-watering amounts of money on something they will only wear once is finally dwindling. See More: Missy Dresses