Title: "Rostelecom" held an online ha
Description: The Cyber pageant organised by "Rostelecom" was held on The fall of 18, shopping, inside central "Crimea", inside central nizhny novgorod shopping. During the function, the city and the region's best online game enthusiasts fought in the well-liked computer game "tank world". The online world music festival's main prize success - the fifty, 000 game rare metal and "Rostelecom" success cup - is actually a player from the RHINO team. All other members received memorable gifts from Rostelecom. Through the game, buy fifa 18 coins , the player Works with a dedicated account, which includes access to combat products at all levels and also a 100% water water pump and crew. Ten children from the Taremsky orphanage also joined the event. These guys be competitive in the tank planet, playing FIFA18 in addition to radio control tanks. In addition , there is an anti-terrorist top level game: global attacking, FIFA18 and online game console games. As well as the film festival will be held in the tour's major competitive aquaria unofficial game for many who want to try new chic tanks - 44-100 - T ₽'s elite eighth level of Soviet containers, buy fifa 18 coins , it is to provide the particular tariff plan "game" of users for our company "Rostelecom company". The tank provides good maneuverability plus good maneuverability regarding difficult soil, in fact it is equipped to provide further protection in the challenge to protect the protivokumulyativnymi screen. Created by "Rostelecom" for fans with the game "tank world", the tariff program "game". The user who also connects to the payment receives high-speed Internet access and some of the features of the game: the unique professional tank crew of your "battle brotherhood" including the slot during the hangar.