Title: This illustrious cosmetic FIFA
Description: Here you can choose to scatter or crush rose petals filling up the love or hate bars respectively and FIFA Coins unlocking rewards as you goRewardsLoveAegis of DevotionArdent mace + offhandEfficiency emoteLover&s medallionHateBulwark of RevengeHeartseeker crossbow + off handNo More! emoteHater&s medallionCrown of the Fallenpletely fill up both bars and you&ll unlock the crown of the fallen. This illustrious cosmetic headpiece can be switched between lovedup and malicious appearancesCupid&s halo and demonic hornsWhole Lotta RosesYou can also use rose petals to purchase rewards from previous Valentine&s eventsJust click the shop icon in the interface to browseGot some spare petals? Stock up on love potions which give you a XP boost in a random skill for minutes and everyone in the surrounding area by Ironman characters not affected. This can be extended up to minutes with multiple potionsRose petals stack in your inventory or your pocket slot and are tradeable Be sure to use them up before th March though as they&ll be gone from the game after thenRhot hopes everyone has a very happyValentine&s Day!The RSHOT TeamRSHOT:Runescape Easter Eggsperiments – Holiday MiniQuest rshot. The Easter Bunny&s back from his travels but it&s all gone terribly wrong while he&s been awayImps have infested the bunny&s chocolate factory and they&re refusing to leave until their leader gets what he wantsthe jadinko pet of his dreamsUsing your bat Buy FUT Coins hunting or thieving skills &ndash with a spot of dubious experimental science &ndash you&ll restore the factory to working orderJust to egg you onpleting. Buy cheap FIFA Coins from