Title: To make it a buy poe currency
Description: To make it a challenge, Jagex can make the crater that is normally wasted space when beach isnt active, into a bossing and skilling area with safe pvp. Bosses buy poe currency will drop past holiday untradable items and new bosses can be added to the crater with each new holiday event. To accomodate all these bosses we can have a floating arena of ltiple floors, housing cities and fields etc, accessible from the crater. I 39;m thinking similar ideas for wilderness.5) This is personal issue. The main reason I wanted the 2016 fun top and bottom (Not sure if its 50 or 100 thermometer caps for those who did not get 2015 swimsuit) is because of the long overdue graphical error of lack of navels. Now, this anatomy that completes our avatars are for some reason locked to a select few outfits and fun top and bottom is the only non solomon override to actually display a belly button. Why is that? Surely, we can make navels consistent across all our models. Additionally, the belly button here looks flat and dimensionless due to lack of dimples and crevices. Other than that, my issues with our models include: arms (upper arm is twice as long as the forearm and reaches down to our knees), hands (they are way too big) and knees (they look slightly pixellated and angular). I get it that our models are ch better than pre eoc versions, but there is still the issue with consistencies and improvement areas needed for graphical modeling. I get you use Autodesk Maya for graphical modeling. Use it well.1) You 39;re missing the point. People are putting the effort in even if they may not be able to claim everything within time limit. And it is Jagexs fault for starting the summer event later poe trade than last year you know, so they are the ones shortening the time frame. Don 39;t blame my idea for having my to cross into autumn.2) The problem is, NOT EVERYONE can CONSISTENTLY play every day. Buy cheap POE Goods from