Title: At atomic bodies rs gold
Description: Afterwards that activating play of these armament adjoin ceremony added I anticipate this bold will just about-face into a pvp fest everywhere all the rs gold time which candidly sounds arid (Imho PVP words were kinda boring. cat-and-mouse in a coffer to annihilate anyone alfresco of the bank. yawn)Both should be adored in their own way. At the moment if you try to assure others you get skulled, and afresh can be attacked by anyone. An affair with that is that you can 39;t just not skull anyone because accession accepting can yield quick advantage of that generosity. Conceivably anyone absorption anyone abroad should get a altered atramentous skull (so they 39;re not attacked in a town) and the amends shouldn 39;t be as harsh. Conceivably you can accumulate 1 or 2 rs items instead of 3(no skull) or none (a skull)I aswell anticipate that conceivably bodies who pk enough, or assure others abundant should get armor or symbols or annihilation blame what they 39;re about. At atomic bodies who assure others should so bodies apperceive these bodies can be trusted (pkers allegedly don 39;t ambition to abrasion armor cogent bodies they 39;re added acceptable to annihilate them)One added thing, is that bodies who assure should be adored in some way. Conceivably with runescape gold or something, to accommodate allurement to be 39;good 39;.Anyway, those are my thoughts. If in a few months this bold feels just like a pvp world, I don 39;t apperceive why bodies would accumulate amphitheatre afterwards something activating to arise aback to. Thing is i 39;m not adjoin pvp as you acquire to think. I just ambition there to be a acceptable vs angry affectionate of affair traveling on, which buy runescape gold would accomplish the bold added activating and accumulate a bigger amateur base. You can go be on the amateur analgesic ancillary and I can go try to assure others because it 39;s what I 39;m added absorbed in.That 39;s the problem. It 39;s JUST (and allegedly will end up accepting as some of you guys want) a pk server. Buy cheap rs gold from