Title: The invention is updated
Description: The invention is updated, the invention is picked up, and the key is the skill. To discover new ways to increase your fishing and logging tools. This week, prepare for RS Gold the battle and the skills of community events at the entrance to the buy RS gold Dungeon 2 dungeon. The beginning of this week, so your eyes in the later this week week's case, let your eyes to look at the details.Invention: fishing and logging, general improvementYour request, it gives us a happy world invention release beast to skilling. First, fishing and logging, has just received an inventor's treatment.From today's update, you will find a new device - fishing rod-o-matic - blueprint and how to make the tool device. You can also add your crystal dragon axe and crystal stick. Crystal dragon axe can also enhance your tool belt - say the doctor in the Falador Association for MMORS RS 3 Gold the invention of the Northeast more information.Add extra allowance, which will help (or hinder) the possibility of your fishing and logging power also increased. How to enhance the tool that can send logs directly to your bank's voice? A fishing rod, also reward other players standing near you? All the people will be found, so to be found!Butterfly screen flight how to play - MMORS.COM To intervene, just open the treasure hunter to take the flight of the butterfly. When you first log in, you will get a quick tutorial to explain your basic knowledge and how to Buy RS Gold get involved. If you take part in this activity, you can ask for your first freedom award!Once you get a free prize, you can get more of the prize by clicking on the neighboring node. You can walk on your own, but each step will need a key, so be wise to arrange your trip.At the end of each path, the access to the inner wing node gets your prize at least match the color level of the rare, you may be lucky to get a better thing!When you access all the nodes on the interface, you can continue to do the node (or "prestige") of the circuit. Once you are prestiged, you can ask for mmors your prestigious award and the full butterfly and more awards as well as an upgrade special award. Every time your reputation, you will also receive a unique project, from the father.You can only get the prize from these special nodes once every time, so you can get the click this link most awesome award. Prestige grade 1 starts with 2 yellow prizes, each time your prestige, it upgrades the amount or quantity of these prizes, until each prestige has 4 red prizes available!Runescape of Easter camp 2016 - MMORS.COM