Title: I truly feel unhappy about the
Description: Welcome to mmotank, my friends, I truly Maplestory Mesos feel unhappy about the declines in MapleStory, making me really really dispirited. You guys can never understand what happens to my keyboard with maple running even when alt-tabbed. Anyways. He exchanged the ring back to one of my IRL friends who had been paying to get the scroll service & the person who was also helping me CSS the failed slots. As it was all done and finished, my IRL friend subsequently exchanged the ring back to me, to which it stated Hammers Applied: 0 as it initially said Hammers Applied: two(MAX). Again, no additional inventory had hammers applied to it. It was the specific same pendant with the same crappy epic potential lines. It would make absolutely zero sense to get a reliable guildmate/friend to randomly cube/innocent-scroll or mess around with my item. I highly doubt that it resulted from some type of collapse because an innocent scroll would have reset the successful Gollux scrolls that worked during the service. No, something occurred during the trade where the hammer slots were lost.I know that you cannot understand in-game code failing and producing mind-boggling glitches such as gaining so much EXP which rather than gaining the quantity maplestory mesos you are supposed to, you obtain a big whopping 0. But such bugs do exist, and I am telling you what happened. There's absolutely no reason to innocent scroll an item that has all slots accessible. An innocent scroll that's implemented after effective scrolls will wipe everything. The successful enchantments were not wiped, meaning only CSS were used. Hammer slots vanished. End. Of. Story. I cannot make this point any clearer, call me a liar, inform us that we are wrong and the coding is right. This just verifies that what we say does not matter. I'm glad that you requested, but you didn't accept the chance that you guys are incorrect, or that an error happened on the server-side of matters since I explained how ridiculous it would be for us to make that error. 8 slots. All slots available. Traded for Gollux scroll services. CSS used. After they completed upgrading to +6 with Gollux scrolls, they traded it back to me. Hammer slots were gone. We can still locate the improvements in MapleStory, which is the pride of Nexon. Tell me why anyone would innocent scroll an item with successful enchantments only to re-do it again? None would provide a motive, since this is absolutely no motive amd it just happens.