Title: Preview - Kingdom Hearts III h
Description: To state that Kingdom Hearts III is predicted is an understatement. Fans in the license number inside thousands and that we must point out that the third installment unable least thirteen years after its predecessor . Meanwhile, some intermediate episodes along with remix arrived, like Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix we tested , but many of us longed for the further adventures of Sora, Donald and Goofy . With an output should happen relatively quickly, communication is accelerating around KHIII. The title was very present at E3, nonetheless it was also presented throughout the Japan Expo 2018 , held, as each year, the Villepinte exhibition center. It was at this juncture that we could easily get our face to face the title long awaited Nomura . The demo that people could try we took our three heroes inside world of Toy Story. Sora with his fantastic friends, became toys, landing in Andy's room, and therefore are greeted by Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex and Bayonne . They are very annoyed as a consequence of Heartless start to attack them. Armed with his Keybladeand his phenomenal powers, Sora decides to help to toys manufactured by Pixar. The demo has put us directly inside bath and since soon since the game has left the hand, we faced our first Heartless. The combat method is still basically the one could, even as are on familiar ground and there is no difficulty in taking its brands. Sora spins and hits enemies with speed and fluidity. Moreover, as a result of an automatic locking mechanism, we have not found camera problems, it remains dedicated to our targets. Some changes were designed to the fighting game. So, Sora will swap his Keyblade against a couple of bionic arm (including secondary weapons) and may even invoke various powers produced by Disneyland. You did not are aware that rotating cups could be a formidable weapon? Do you have only imagined the havoc that can be done with a pirate ship? Each of these super attacks is combined with an explosion of visual beautiful effect. Graphically, the action is very beautiful, which is even more obvious whenever we ride inside Toy Story universe. It is from the film, visually. The textures look natural and environments so the characters are modeled after due thought. Particle effects fart retina, in 2 words the overall game is beautiful, beautiful. The grip, even as said, is natural, along with the gameplay intentions to be varied. The demo we have tried has allowed us to manage a robot, changing the