Title: Aura Kingdom Review Levels 40
Description: Hello MMOSITE readers and here you are at my latest MMORPG review: Aura Kingdom, levels 40-50! We will b e researching the dual class system as well as the wrapping up of half a global map as well as dungeon experiences. Also there are a few other surprise features go over so let's get rolling! It continues to be awhile! I stopped the bingo in my level 30-40 review. Why get it again? Because there is almost no out there I holding my interest as I wait for few key open beta's. So I vaguely remember a title that may be worth the look! Aura Kingdom and this is on STEAM now. I installed it on STEAM since I had the STEAM launcher already on. However, this hadn't install the version I was previously using (FR) and this hadn't link my account with my logon... I am sure there seemed to be a way to "set it up" right, but I just easily installed the Ignite client to own directly from Aeria games! The cut scenes along with the dialog boxes certainly are a treat for immersion. The UI has every one of the menu's grouped in logical position and zilch will make you feel lost. Even as things throw open through level 50 and potentially profitable new skills and titles added, you realize exactly where to look and always reminded in case you have unspent points make use of. The bad is the fact that sometimes the buttons usually are not logical, I often go through the something I would not want to or perhaps a window is transparent or closes to quickly that I wind up clicking on the bottom and my character moves. The game, despite it's "anime" cutesy examine times, can be a "serious" story happening. There are poser struggles. The text in dialog boxes are LENGTHLY, and however some just perform the duties of filler, other medication is pretty deep and engaging! The core PVE up to now still rests in monster hunting though. However, essentially the most I have ever beena sked to kill are 14, and rarely twice. The game sets get you started in each map doing different activities. Let it be collecting plants, killing beasts, or sneaking into enemy terrirtory, you will find DIVERSE things you can do. You have disguise quests, escort quests, and occasionally they throw you surprise quests who