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Witness to terror: Nigeria's missing schoolgirls - CNN
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:17 by lagosadmin
The girls started to assemble in the yard as ordered to, not realizing the men were from Boko Haram -- the group whose name roughly translates as "Western education is sin" -- until it was too late. More than 200 were loaded onto trucks and spirited away: the group's leader later announced that he would sell them.[Finish Article ]

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From: mike432
07/02/2017 23:23:01

Nigeria's one of the famous place of the world.People go there for outing.If this kind of incitend happened there then who come for outing.The incident of missing school girls is not a small issue Govt. should take the right decision for it. personal statement assistance

From: charlesjohney3
12/26/2016 04:22:51

My little brother used to get them, and it can be
terrifying to witness someone you care about in that state.Flamingo Video

From: Jenifer_Roberts
11/11/2016 04:52:05

It is really a bad thing that the schoolgirls were missing like this which is not good for the other schoolgirls and for their parents they will be upset by this case which is not good for them and they will be feel fear to go to school.UK Essay Writing Help

From: Gardner88
08/21/2016 03:52:28

According  to the latest CNN report the graph of Missing or Kidnaping schoolgirls constantly increase. People have great worry and still no any solid action taken by the government to stop that cycle and arrested those people.  Hope very soon army take hold the country and stop Kidnapping and blasting cases. Well! Now i want dissertationguru but as a mother become very sad to read this news.

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