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RAF spy plane flies to Nigeria to hunt for schoolgirls - Telegraph.co.uk
Posted On 05/19/2014 00:02:22 by lagosadmin
Wg Cdr Dave Kane, officer commanding 5(Army Cooperation) Squadron, said: “Like other members of the public we have watched events in Nigeria unfold with a feeling of horror and we are determined to do whatever we can to help find these children and return them to their parents.” The Nigerian government has faced intense domestic criticism for its powerless response to the kidnapping. Parents of the missing girls have demanded President Goodluck Jonathan seek international help.[Finish Article ]

Tags: RAF Spy Plane Flies To Nigeria To Hunt For Schoolgirls - Telegraph.co.uk


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From: Gardner88
11/17/2016 21:59:57

I think The Nigerian government has faced intense domestic criticism for its powerless response to the kidnapping deserve for it because no serious effort by the government of Nigeria. If they don't able to controll then they don't have right to be in the Government. God Bless on the people of Nigeria. Any how, I want native english essay writer for me for help in the solution of some my assignments.

From: Gardner88
08/19/2016 07:38:16

Kidnaping of Schoolgirls in Nigeria is increase with the passage of time. Which website you mentioned published latest case of Kidnaping with the picture and detail of that girls. Police work hard but unfortunately can not controll it. People demand Army to arrest such people who involve in kidnaping activities. Well! I try to buy research paper but became very sad to listen this news. School girls are not safe in Nigeria.

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