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POSTED BY: supodum on 08/23/2016 23:47:30

17 Days of FIFA is the FUT biggest social giveaway. It offers special daily gifts to EA social network followers to celebrate the holiday season of 2016. By the way, if you need fifa 17 coins, just click. In this guide you can know everything about the 17 Days of FIFA celebration, including how it affects the market, how it was in previous years and an updated promotional offers list.

17 Days of FIFA Promotion Introduction

Days of FIFA is a yearly event created by Electronic Arts to celebrate the holiday season. In FIFA 17, it is called ’17 Days of FIFA’. Unlike what most people think, it has nothing to do with FUTmas, a completely different promotion that also takes place in December alongside with 17 Days of FIFA.

17 Days of FIFA is announced as the biggest FIFA 17 social giveaway and that’s what exactly it is: during the promotion, Electronic Arts offers special daily gifts to their social network followers. Who follows the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram EASPORTSFIFA social channels and replies to their specific posts, get eligible to win FIFA copies, signed jerseys of popular players or clubs, signed boots, FUT in-game items, free Ultimate Team packs and more FIFA and football related merchandising.

Details on 17 Days of FIFA offers will be updated below.

17 Days of FIFA Dates

This promotion has been going since FIFA 14 and every year it is a day longer. It takes place during the period preceding Christmas day, in a number of days corresponding to the FIFA edition. To FIFA 17, for example, ’17 Days of FIFA’ starts 17 days before Xmas and ends on December 25.

For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the 17 Days of FIFA dates are:

17 Days of FIFA

9 December 2016 (Friday) to 25 December 2016 (Sunday)

17 Days of FIFA Offers Predictions

The best way to predict which promotional offers will be available in FIFA 17 is to look what happened last year in FIFA 16.

In 16 Days of FIFA event, a new offer was available everyday.

Console and Games

Copies of EA Sports FIFA 16 and a XBox One console

Signed merchandising from popular players

Signed shirts, balls, boots and FUT items from Cesc Fàbregas, Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Marco Reus.

Signed merchandising from popular clubs

Signed shirts from Liverpool, West Ham, Leicester City, Watford, Spurs, Chelsea, Leicester City, Everton, Southampton, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Manchester United, Swansea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In-game FUT Squads and Players Items

In-game items from Sergio Aguero, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Pelé, Spurs, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Manchester City, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Free Packs

Two 35k Mega Packs with untradeable cards for everyone.


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