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POSTED BY: sarasmithca on 02/13/2018 22:46:14


Since , my @sbcglobal email is no longer working.  I cannot access, send or receive emails.  When I attempt to log in at ATT.NET it goes to the merged yahoo email.  I cannot sent email via yahoo email either.  Have contacted ATT numerous times but still no help.  It appears they have lost the emails during the unmerging with yahoo.  Given the length of time without access to my primary email, I need to consider changing everything.  It would be help to know if @sbcglobal.net is going to be restored and should I start the process of moving on? 


POSTED BY: ashleygray on 02/13/2018 23:08:41


Many smartass people have been able to solve this problem with getting their SBCGlobal net setting password, which has been getting rejected by MS Outlook.

They have a DSL account with AT&T in which their SBCGlobal email and account are important aspects of the setup. Some people have switched from AT&T DSL to some other DSL thinking that they would still be able to use their SBCGlobal email, which is a free account. In the beginning, there weren’t any problem, but later on, things started to go in the opposite direction.

They started getting messages of varied devices that they have to input their SBCGlobal email password. After that, they started experiencing issues with their MS Outlook, as it was not able to connect to the email server. 

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POSTED BY: sarasmithca on 02/13/2018 23:39:22


Thank you, but I'm concerned about one thing:  If I use the same outgoing server, won't that mess up me using my own email?

(I use a different domain name email address.)


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