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POSTED BY: chanah on 05/08/2018 21:02:46

g goals Denver Broncos Youth Jersey , self reflection, self correcting; multi-tasking and mood. Executive functions develop during childhood through to young adulthood. This is when we learn to,resist distraction by salient stimuli; focus attention on stimuli that are important; be goal oriented; organize and direct activity so that goals are achieved in ways that are appropriate and rule abiding; engage in abstract thinking; make predictions about the future; reason; think from another锟絪 point of view; evaluate ideas; reflect on ones own work, be flexible in thinking so that self correcting is possible; keep track of time; simultaneously attend to more than one task; engage in group dynamics; wait patiently; finish work on time; and seek assistance when needed. As I mentioned previously, executive functions become impaired when the pineal gland produces less serotonin in response to EMF exposure. Executive functions are also impaired when EMF exposure disrupts the electrical activity within and between brain cells 锟?which are specifically specialized nerve calls called neurons. Executive functioning is also impaired by the constant unending stress caused by EMFS Detroit Lions Youth Jersey , which in turn puts the body into a fight or flight response. The reason being, that part of this response is to reduce the blood flow to the Frontal lobes forebrain, where executive functioning takes place; this means there is less energy available for executive functions. The loss of important electrolytes through the process of cyclautronic resonance also impairs executive functioning. So, there are many ways in which EMF exposure interferes with thought processes, learning Green Bay Packers Youth Jersey , memory, emotional control and behaviour. And the disruption in executive functioning has wide reaching implications during childhood. There is seldom a single cause for disorders and illness. So, of course, EMFS are not necessarily the cause for these. However, EMFs can be seen to disturb emotional and mental functioning Indianapolis Colts Youth Jersey , promote and accelerate illness and interfere will healing, Minimizing exposure to EMFS and obtaining effective EMF protection are essential for healing and prevention. Based on the research, when you reduce your exposure to EMFs your healing energies flow more freely and the body begins to heal. Your nervous system and acupuncture meridian system are released from constriction. A calmness sets in. The pineal gland increases its production of hormones and important chemicals that control and effect physical, emotional and mental functioning. There is also an increase in overall energy. Cells no longer function as though in a state of emergency. As well there is increased production, uptake and cell retention of important electrolytes such as lithium Jacksonville Jaguars Youth Jersey , potassium, sodium and calcium. These electrolytes or ions are important for every bodily function. Because your body becomes more efficient, you realize greater benefits from nutrition, supplements and healing therapies. In terms of emotional and mental changes, people report improved sense of well being Kansas City Chiefs Youth Jersey , clarity, concentration, and improved anger management. The benefits that have been reported for children show that there is marked improvement in hyperactive ADHD and asthmatic children. There are reports of increased calmness, attention span and impulse control. There are many EMF reducing practices. People who are sensitive to EMFs will find these practices especially beneficial. But every one should consider adopting any or all of the following practices, because minimizing your exposure to EMFs is part of maximizing your health. 锟?Use a wired network instead of a Wi-Fi network锟?Use wired speakers and other electronic components instead of wireless锟?When considering an alarm system for your home Los Angeles Chargers Youth Jersey , opt for a wired system instead of a wireless system.锟?When using the computer, try not to hold onto the mouse and learn keyboard strokes to replace mouse functions锟?Try to locate the computer tower printer and wiring aware from where you sit锟?Opt for LCD Flat Screen computer monitors锟?Avoid placing a laptop computer on your lap when you are using it锟?Store your cell phone in a case or backpack or purse where it will not be right next to your body. When sleeping keep it at least 3 feet away from your bed锟?Place your electric alarm clock at least 3 feet away from your bed锟?Electric appliances and devices are surrounded by electric fields even when not turned on. So unplug these at night if they are in close proximity to your bed.锟?Instead of fluorescent bulbs, use incandescent or full spectrum bulbs锟? If you must use a cell phone or cordless phone, use the speakerphone when possible. Don锟絫 use a Bluetooth or earplugs that transmit radiation directly into the ear canal.锟?Try to avoid using a cell phone or laptop in a car or bus where the EMFs are intensified锟?Stay 2 to 3 feet away from someone who is talking on a cell phone.锟? avoid using waterbeds that need electric heaters锟?Substitute electric razors and can openers with manual versions锟?Find alternatives for electric blankets锟?Substitute a heating pad with a hot water bottle锟?Washing machines, clothes dryers Los Angeles Rams Youth Jersey , and dishwashers have large EMFs, especially when high efficiency. So try to run full loads mostly. If someone is sleeping with the head of the bed on the wall behind these machines, don锟絫 operate the machine when they are sleeping锟?The larger the tv screen the stronger and larger the EMF, sit far back and again, don锟絫 operate if someone is sleeping directly behind the tv wallWhen using appliances Miami Dolphins Youth Jersey , try to stand 2 to 3 feet back. For instance, when cooking on an electric stove, try to use the back burners more often Children have relatively more brain fluid and thinner skulls than adults, so they are more susceptible to EMFs than adults. A 1 year old child can absorb almost twice as much radiation per kilo as an adult. Try to teach EMF minimizing practices to your children while they are young so that it becomes part of their lifestyle. Don锟絫 use a cell phone or co . Wholesale Sweden Jerseys   Wholesale Team North America Jerseys   Cheap Red Wings Jerseys   Cheap Predators Jerseys   Cheap Maple Leafs Jerseys   Cheap Carolina Hurricanes Jerseys   Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys   Wholesale Arizona Coyotes Jerseys   Wholesale Montreal Canadiens Jerseys   Wholesale Boston Bruins Jerseys  


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