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POSTED BY: blakejones on 06/06/2018 04:18:57

Hello Friends... 

Hulu subscribers have now touched 17 million. This streaming channel has now updated its OS version with the new user interface. The company has revamped the old version keeping in mind interest and taste of users. You will find Live TV guide related to what is currently being broadcasted on the channel. Though the version is not available for download as of now, but it is in its development phase. 

Detailed analysis of Hulu New live TV guide 
The primary objective of this Live TV guide is same as the one tested on Beta version of Hulu app I.e., to provide best results for the searched items. A new thing which you will find in this update is that all the content which are being aired now will only be available for search. Therefore it will be easy for users to find something with specific results. 

Stop suggesting and remove from watch history feature 
An amazing feature that you will get in this update is ‘Stop suggesting for you’ and ‘Remove from watch history’ feature. With ‘Stop suggesting’ feature, you can turn off notification for any program which you don’t like to watch. To turn on this feature, you need to click on the button given next to ‘Add to my stuff’ option. Read More... 

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