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POSTED BY: activatehbo on 07/06/2018 00:24:18

Hello Friends,

I want to login HBO Go on to kindle fire device and i have successfully login when i was login hbo go on to kindle fire the battery going low very fast. So please check this problem then please tell me.


POSTED BY: sarasmithus on 07/06/2018 00:56:31


Step 1: Check your internet connection

HBO GO requires a constant Internet connection of 3.0 Mbps or greater to stream video. If videos are frequently used or are poor quality, a slow or inconsistent network connection might be the cause. To check your network speed:

On the Home screen, swipe down and tap the wireless icon.

Tap the network that you're connected to. 

Check your signal strength and link speed (you need to have a minimum of 3 Mbps). 

Step 2: Restart your Kindle Fire

Hold down the power button until you're ready to shut up your tablet (turn the tablet off, instead of putting it in sleep mode).

Wait at least 20 seconds.

Turn your tablet back on.

Start the HBO GO app.

Step 3: Clear the cache and data

From Home, go to Settings> Applications> Manage All Applications.

Tap HBO GO from the list of apps.

Tap Force Stop.

Tap Clear Cache

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POSTED BY: madelynpowell on 07/06/2018 02:35:38


Before you begin, make sure that: 

You are using a power adapter and the micro-USB cable that came with your device. 

You are charging your device from a power outlet. Using a USB port can not charge at all. 

The micro-USB cable is securely connected to your device and power adapter. 

You are not trying to charge your Kindle Fire in a very hot or very cold environment. 

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