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POSTED BY: jineshpatel672 on 09/02/2018 20:30:19

Seeking a sluggish pace than the one of their high-rise condo in downtown Ottawa, the Shafers relocated to Almonte and invested a year in one of the mill units while working closely with builder Peter Mansfield to transform their space into a creative retreat.

Houzz at a Glance

Who lives here: George and Jean Shafer

Location: Almonte, Ontario

Size: 1, 100 square foot; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, with an art gallery room in the entry

An extendable glass table describes the dining room space. George enlarged an image he got of the mill and hung it on the brick wall to help remind the handful of their building's heritage.

Floor-to-ceiling windows replaced previously small ones. "We wanted it completely to the floor so we would be really able to see the water, " claims George.

The Shafers then used leftover concrete from the project to create an L-shaped bench topped with reclaimed barn wood.

AFTER: The couple removed the Gyproc from the back wall to reduce and install new home windows, and were happily surprised to find exposed packet. They asked the builders to leave it as is.

Just outside the windows on the outdoor is fresh water that still arrives of the original mill. Gleam useful wheel that originated from the Mississippi River.

The Shafers sold almost all of their furniture along with their previous downtown Ottawa condo and had to start out from scratch. They purchased an oversize couch and placed it asymmetrically in their lounge room space. The giant barcode decal adorns the wall.

With only one side of their condominium having windows, the couple wanted to add just as much natural light as possible. It was architect Mansfield's idea to extend the bed room walls and put in full glass panels.

Blue jean especially likes it that when you enter their unit, you can see straight-through to the Mississippi River.


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