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POSTED BY: jineshpatel672 on 09/02/2018 20:48:39

First Floor at a Glance

Who lives here: Young professionals with two children

Location: Toronto

Size: About 1, 000 square feet (about 93 square meters)

Designer: Terry Edward Briceland of teb Interiors

Briceland likes to get started on every project with one dramatic custom piece that sets the tone for the rest of the space. For this project,[url=http://www.lnart.net/]Abstract Painting[/url]  that piece was the dining table made of cement, metal and wood. Purple velvet host chairs anchor six black leather armless seats with chrome nailheads. Briceland drew inspiration for the candle grouping from a store called Elte, where he got the striking black candleholders.

Briceland’s customized approach comes from his days supplying finished goods to designers.[url=http://www.lnart.net/]Abstract Art[/url] He and his business partner started off sewing curtains and pillows, eventually teaching themselves upholstery, then creating digital art, then printing their own fabrics. He determined to become a designer himself when he recognized that his clients sometimes needed help positioning his offbeat creations in their rooms. This elegant living space, like the relax of the home’s first level, is full of his custom designs.

Briceland used a pc program to create the black-and-gold artwork at the rear of the sofa and printed his own fabric for the backs of the side chairs and the bright red-orange bench by the window. The black-and-white rug is another of his custom designs and was fabricated by Weaver & Loom.

“We’re big on elements of the unexpected, clash of colors and patterns, and showpieces, ”[url=http://www.lnart.net/]Large Abstract Painting[/url] 

 Briceland says. He or she always tells his clients not to “limit or censor” themselves. “If the walking dead or superheroes are your thing, we know how to make basically in your house and keep it advanced. ”

The family room is the more casual hangout space. “This is where the kids are allowed, ” Briceland humor. During the design process, he pre-configures his rooms using 3D software to convey his ideas visually to his clients. The particular process helped them determine to go dark with the ceiling.

“Painting it dark makes the roof look even taller” than its 12-foot height, Briceland says. The dramatic navy blue satin draperies enhance the feeling. The branching light fixture from Elite Living adds a dose of drama.


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