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Created: Feb 20, 2016
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Procrastination Can Mess up Your Education

Students should have self-discipline of doing the right thing at the right time, but it seems as if procrastination is an addictive habit. The activities are never easy to shake off and the affected student always wants to do them every time. I don’t have to find someone to write my essay for me while am busy watching music on YouTube or playing a video game on my Smartphone.

Some students claim that they have less time to do their assignments, while the truth is that if they can stop procrastinating they can get enough time for their studies, assignments and extracurricular activities. The workload for a college student is perfectly calculated to fit the schedule set for every semester. Time wasted while doing other unscheduled activities causes the lack of time to complete the vital things on time.

The remedy for this destructive behavior is to get a partner who will be nudging you when you start drifting into procrastination. You can avoid carrying the gadgets that take away your attention such as the phone, iPad or the laptop when you do not need it. A partner who also procrastinates can be a good match, as you will be trying to crawl out of the habit, eventually you will make it.

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