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best essay

I feel proud that I got everything in life which I want. My mother and father including all family members fulfilled all my needs before I could ask from them. Due to all these behavior all theirs I turned out to be a pampered child. I want that everybody around me treat me in the same way but it is not true every time. Still many times I find I am better then rest and my friends are very cooperative, I had weakness of writing things so one of my searched for a site which will help me in that. He told me about ca best essays .I told the whole scenario in my home when my parents told me that my friends are gems and I should not lose them.

They gave many examples of their life that how friends are helpfull. Many time s many of them are friends of benefit but mine are a way different from them. I just love to be with my friends now and sometimes try to help them in all means I can. My friends told me the best way to live life for others and I am very happy that I can do the same for my friends.

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