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Created: May 18, 2018
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Mmoak2018 OFFLINE

Hey this might be a stupid suggestion, but could it be possible to consider including a kind of chance system to the royal face/hair npc? Like I know it's random, but I attempted to imperial now and ended up with 30k nx on my head alone, and did not not get my face that I wanted, and I didn't even have to change my own hair because I had used up all my nx. So, I was wondering whether there was a method that you incorporate a method where you can kinda be in a position to have the face you need, not so much a VIP system but Buy Maplestory Mesos, allow me to try to explain lol! So you understand how in the royals 6 arbitrary faces you could get? What if we made a system where you may only get the same face only two times before you get through all the faces two times. Ugh I don't know how to explain this lmao! So like, lets use this week's faces as a example.

, Starry Night Face, Adorable Girl Face, and Bulbous-Eyed Face.

Not quite exactly what I needed, so I buy another voucher. I use that coupon and I receive the, Bulbous-Eyed Face. So now that I've gotten the Harin Face two times I will not have the ability to receive it again till I get all the faces twice, and the cycle repeats and repeats. ~

I thought of the idea because like I stated above, I spent 30k nx trying to acquire a face I actually wanted and I kept getting the very same faces. I got this one face just like 3 or 4 times, it was absurd!Nexon Employees need far more training in regards to MapleStory

It has been a joke over the community that the GMs who run this game don't have any clue what is actually happening or provide false information due to not understanding what they are really doing Maplestory items, but in all honesty, that is an issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Due to this lack of information, when a new people hacking coach is launch and a surge of players begin botting and macroing and FMAing, absolutely nothing is done for them for a very long time. This causes irreparable harm to the servers they influence, while most of it may be avoided if two things were to change:Educate GMs about the game and the neighborhood, and change the EXTREMELY lenient ban rules to ensure hackers are properly penalized for breaking ToS.

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