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POSTED BY: krishnasalvi
DATE: 06.04.2018
SUBJECT: Buy Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees
LOCATION: mumbai, India
For most women, especially those with a preference for Indian fashion, Banarasi sarees are the ultimate in luxury and traditional beauty; they are ethnic wardrobe must-haves. And when one has viewed a Banarasi sari, it is not difficult to understand the wide spread adoration of this garment.

In fact, they have always been considered a desirable garment, distinguished by the use of costly materials and labor-intensive production methods. The history and evolution of the Banarasi sari is as fascinating and rich as the garment itself. The origins, as the name suggest, lie in the historic city of Varanasi (Benaras) in Uttar Pradesh. This city, for many centuries, has produced the finest silks and brocades in India, if not the world. These brocades are famed for their rich and lustrous look, finely woven gold thread designs and artistic designs and motifs. The arrival of the Mughals brought in Persian influences in the types of designs used, further increasing the beauty of the fabrics. The most famed product of this region was the Best Banarasi silk sarees. These could take months to produce as they were carefully hand woven using real gold and silver threads and purest silks strands.

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