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'Safe' Nigeria scalps SA pioneers - BDlive
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:23 by lagosadmin
This week, MTN said it would spend $3bn upgrading its network in Nigeria to appease regulators, who banned it from selling SIM cards for a month because of “poor service”. Its profits were smacked when it was forced to shut down in northern Nigeria.But the importance of Nigeria to MTN can’t be overstated: MTN Nigeria contributes 49% to the cellular group’s earnings despite the fact that it operates in 18 other countries.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Witness to terror: Nigeria's missing schoolgirls - CNN
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:17 by lagosadmin
The girls started to assemble in the yard as ordered to, not realizing the men were from Boko Haram -- the group whose name roughly translates as "Western education is sin" -- until it was too late. More than 200 were loaded onto trucks and spirited away: the group's leader later announced that he would sell them.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigerian villagers fight off attacks by Boko Haram - CNN
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:16 by lagosadmin
-- Residents of three villages in northeastern Nigeria took security into their own hands this week, repelling attacks by Boko Haram insurgents and killing more than 200 of them, residents and officials said. Hundreds of Boko Haram fighters stormed the villages of Menari, Tsangayari and Garawa in the ethnic Shuwa-dominated Kalabalge District on Tuesday. Boko Haram -- the group responsible for the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls from the same region -- was met with stiff resistance as locals... Read More

Africa leaders declare 'war' on Nigeria Boko Haram - BBC News
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:15 by lagosadmin
Afterwards, Mr Hollande said participants had agreed on a "global and regional action plan". He said this involved "co-ordinating intelligence, sharing information... border surveillance, a military presence notably around Lake Chad and the capacity to intervene in case of danger".[Finish Article ]... Read More

Opinion: Nigeria needs international pressure - Deutsche Welle
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:14 by lagosadmin
In recent weeks, it has become obvious that Nigeria cannot handle the problem on its own. The decision reached in Paris has been a long time coming. Boko Haram has operated for some time in Nigeria as well as its neighbors Niger and Cameroon and probably in Chad, as well. There are also still doubts that all the governments involved in the Paris conference will take serious action.[Finish Article ]... Read More

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