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Nigeria scorns Boko Haram's captive girls swap offer - BBC News
Posted On 05/13/2014 03:56:11 by lagosadmin
The video released on Monday showed 136 girls, and was interspersed with militants explaining that they had "converted" to Islam. Three of the girls - wearing full-length cloaks - are shown speaking. Two say they were Christian and have converted, while the other says she is Muslim.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria girls' abduction: US deploys manned planes - BBC News
Posted On 05/13/2014 03:56:05 by lagosadmin
However, Interior Minister Abba Moro appeared to dismiss the offer, saying no exchange would take place. The reason for the discrepancy was unclear. The BBC's Mark Doyle, in the capital Abuja, says it appears some sort of negotiations will take place because of the large presence of international advisers in the country, including hostage negotiators.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria kidnapping: How can foreign teams help? - BBC News
Posted On 05/12/2014 22:56:08 by lagosadmin
The arrival in Nigeria of foreign teams of experts to assist in finding and freeing the kidnapped schoolgirls raises expectations of a speedy resolution. Britain, the US, France, China and Israel have all now sent teams of counter-terrorism officials and other specialists to Abuja. But what can they actually achieve?[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria kidnap: David Cameron joins 'Bring Back Our Girls' campaign -...
Posted On 05/12/2014 07:56:13 by lagosadmin
'Immensely complicated' He told the bbc One programme: "I rang the Nigerian president to offer anything that would be helpful and we agreed to send out a team that includes some counter-terrorism and intelligence experts to work alongside the bigger American team that's going out there.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria state governor "has information" on abducted girls - BBC News
Posted On 05/11/2014 21:56:12 by lagosadmin
Both the US and UK distanced themselves from suggestions that they would send soldiers to take part in the military operation in the vast north of Nigeria. "There's no intention at this point to be putting any American boots on the ground" said US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Sunday.[Finish Article ]... Read More

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