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Africa leaders declare 'war' on Nigeria Boko Haram - BBC News
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:15 by lagosadmin
Afterwards, Mr Hollande said participants had agreed on a "global and regional action plan". He said this involved "co-ordinating intelligence, sharing information... border surveillance, a military presence notably around Lake Chad and the capacity to intervene in case of danger".[Finish Article ]... Read More

'War on Boko Haram': African, Western nations unify in hunt for Nigerian...
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:12 by lagosadmin
-- Nigeria and four neighboring countries will share intelligence and border surveillance in the hunt for more than 200 Nigerian girls still held by boko Haram, and Western nations will provide technical expertise and training to the new regional African effort against the extreme Islamists. The plan was announced Saturday at the conclusion of a security summit in Paris hosted by French President François Hollande.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria's Boko Haram isn't just about Western education - Washington Post
Posted On 05/18/2014 18:56:11 by lagosadmin
A few Ni­ger­ian teenagers who managed to escape are telling their stories: how some 300 of their classmates were wrenched from their sleep at a village boarding school and hauled off in a stampede of trucks and motorcycles. The attack has captured international attention like few terrorist incidents since 9/11.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria villagers kill Boko Haram fighters - Aljazeera.com
Posted On 05/15/2014 00:56:07 by lagosadmin
In Kalabalge, a village about 250km from the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, residents said they were taking matters into their own hands because the Nigerian military was perceived as not doing enough to stem boko Haram attacks. On Tuesday morning, after learning about an impending attack by fighters, locals ambushed two trucks with gunmen, according to local officials.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria willing to talk to Boko Haram to free kidnapped schoolgirls -...
Posted On 05/14/2014 19:56:09 by lagosadmin
Britain has offered surveillance aircraft and a military team, David Cameron told parliament on Wednesday. The prime minister said: "Today I can announce we have offered Nigeria further assistance in terms of surveillance aircraft, a military team to embed with the Nigerian army in their HQ, and a team to work with US experts to analyse information on the girls' location."The abduction of the girls was, Cameron said, "an act of pure evil", adding: "The world is coming together not just to condem... Read More

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