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Nigeria willing to talk to Boko Haram to free kidnapped schoolgirls -...
Posted On 05/14/2014 19:56:09 by lagosadmin
Britain has offered surveillance aircraft and a military team, David Cameron told parliament on Wednesday. The prime minister said: "Today I can announce we have offered Nigeria further assistance in terms of surveillance aircraft, a military team to embed with the Nigerian army in their HQ, and a team to work with US experts to analyse information on the girls' location."The abduction of the girls was, Cameron said, "an act of pure evil", adding: "The world is coming together not just to condem... Read More

Military operation launched to locate kidnapped Nigerian girls - The...
Posted On 05/14/2014 19:56:08 by lagosadmin
"International operations have commenced in collaboration with the Nigerian military … The operations are being carried out in conjunction with Nigerian troops," Mike Omeri, coordinator of the national information centre, told a press conference."Surveillance? Yes. Intelligence? Yes. And knowledge and experience sharing will be applied," he added. He declined to give further details.[Finish Article ]... Read More

American drones scour Nigeria for kidnapped schoolgirls, but US law...
Posted On 05/14/2014 14:56:03 by lagosadmin
American drones were scouring a region the size of West Virginia in northern Nigeria for nearly 300 Christian schoolgirls kidnapped a month ago by a maniacal Islamic warlord, but the effort faced a potential roadblock in a rarely-invoked U.S. law that bars the military from helping certain governments. [Finish Article ]... Read More

Canada moves in to Nigeria to aid in search for kidnapped girls - The...
Posted On 05/14/2014 04:56:15 by lagosadmin
Prime Minister Stephen Harper emphasized Tuesday that Canadian soldiers are not engaged in combat and will not accompany Nigerian forces in battle.“They are there to provide liaison and to assist Nigerian authorities in their search,” Mr. Harper told the Commons Tuesday. “The kidnapping of these schoolgirls by Boko Haram is obviously repugnant to everything that we believe in as Canadians, and most people in the world believe in. Our hearts are with these girls and their families.”[Finish Articl... Read More

Small Comfort as Parents Identify Kidnapped Nigerian Girls on Video -...
Posted On 05/14/2014 04:56:13 by lagosadmin
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