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US spy planes join hunt for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls - CBS News
Posted On 05/13/2014 13:58:41 by lagosadmin
The nearest drone base is in the country of Niger, next door to Nigeria. They were sent there last year to fly north and search for militants operating in Mali. To aid in the search for the girls, the drones, which are unarmed, would have to fly hundreds of miles east over the part of Nigeria where Boko Haram is based.[Finish Article ]... Read More

US planes begin air search for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls - The...
Posted On 05/13/2014 13:58:38 by lagosadmin
The plight of the schoolgirls and the desperation of their families has captured world attention, with abhorrence focused on Boko Haram, the violent jihadist group that is holding the girls. But there has also been widespread criticism of the nigerian authorities, whose efforts to find the captives is perceived to be lax.[Finish Article ]... Read More

'Fear is everywhere:' Boko Haram threat keeps abducted Nigerian girls'...
Posted On 05/13/2014 08:56:22 by lagosadmin
Yet it wasn't until recently, when hundreds of schoolgirls were snatched at gunpoint from a boarding school as they slept in their beds, that this brutal insurgency really grabbed the world's attention. The terrifying and audacious nature of this raid in the dead of night under a hail of gunfire and explosions sent shock waves far beyond Nigeria's borders.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Scared but alive: Video purports to show abducted Nigerian girls - CNN
Posted On 05/13/2014 08:56:08 by lagosadmin
Filmed in a nondescript clearing surrounded by scrub and trees, the girls appear dressed in gray or black veils. Many look nervous or under duress. In one shot, a girl almost whispers a line from the Quran. In separate shots filmed against a green backdrop, the man who claims to be Shekau says the girls -- who come from a Christian stronghold -- have converted to Islam.[Finish Article ]... Read More

New video appears to show kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls praying to...
Posted On 05/13/2014 03:56:08 by lagosadmin
A new video believed to be from nigerian terror group Boko Haram shows more than 100 kidnapped Christian schoolgirls praying to Allah, and the Islamic terror group’s leader – who was reportedly negotiating with the government – saying he will hold the girls until imprisoned militants are freed.[Finish Article ]... Read More

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