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Father of 2 kidnapped Nigerian girls says don't trade daughters for...
Posted On 05/13/2014 03:56:07 by lagosadmin
May 12, 2014 - Photo taken from video by Nigeria's Boko Haram terrorist network shows the alleged missing girls abducted from the northeastern town of Chibok. the new video purports to show the girls, covered in jihab and praying in Arabic. It is the first public sight of the girls since more than 300 were kidnapped exactly four weeks ago.AP[Finish Article ]... Read More

US deploys surveillance aircraft to hunt for Nigerian schoolgirls - The...
Posted On 05/13/2014 03:56:07 by lagosadmin
"We have shared commercial satellite imagery with the Nigerians and are flying manned ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) assets over Nigeria with the government's permission," the official said. the US has sent military, law-enforcement and development experts to Nigeria to help search for the missing girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants from a secondary school in Chibok in remote northeastern Nigeria on April 14.[Finish Article ]... Read More

Nigeria's missing girls: father warns government not to make deal with...
Posted On 05/12/2014 22:56:13 by lagosadmin
Speaking to the Telegraph, the man - who is not named to protect his child's identity - said: "I have not yet seen the video, but I am not really interested in what Boko Haram's demands are," he said. "My daughter is a Christian, she will never change. I would rather she died as a princess than convert to Islam."[Finish Article ]... Read More

Who Can Save "Our Girls" And Nigeria? Only The Nigerian People, Not ......
Posted On 05/12/2014 17:56:07 by lagosadmin
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Nigeria is mired in violence and inequality. It's the girls who suffer -...
Posted On 05/12/2014 07:56:15 by lagosadmin
's capital, in 2009 to take up a job at an international secondary school. But just about everything felt new in Abuja, with its broad, tarred roads, the shiny experimental structures, modern hospitals and pastel-coloured housing developments.It can feel soulless, as if the only thing that grows there is money and there was lots of it changing hands in large, chequered bags. the National House of Assembly was domiciled in Abuja, so politicians and those who benefited from the endemic corruption... Read More

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