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Nigeria is failing its abducted girls - Financial Times
Posted On 05/19/2014 19:56:10 by lagosadmin
Boko Haram extremists abducted more than 200 teenage girls from their school in Nigeria’s remote northeast. President Goodluck Jonathan says 20,000 troops have been deployed as part of efforts to find and free them and in the broader campaign against an insurgency that has become the greatest threat to Nigerian and regional security. British, US and Israeli forces are now assisting operations to find the hostages with aerial surveillance and expertise.[Finish Article ]

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From: makemyessay
09/11/2015 04:23:56

Parents of the abducted girls have criticized that they statement
the position of the confrontational and the girls existence after the kidnap
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04/22/2015 23:44:25

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