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From: macpherson
07/16/2009 11:27:59

sup girl ,

i am macpherson, frmdelta state,i am studying economics in lasu,am cool and nice , love meeting ppl and love making frnds.....we cld share ideas norms and anytin,so wht do u feel?wld u b my pal

From: ahmdos
05/22/2009 07:03:55


I don't mind be a friend.

Please could u call me on


From: poundz77
04/05/2009 01:27:14

hello sexy,

love to be your friend...here is my yahoo id:  moyescharles@yahoo.com



From: kennysous
03/22/2009 16:08:09

It seems U hav a caring heart.

Meet me:

From: fola
11/10/2008 05:08:15

honeymix wrote:

fola,i'll really love 2 chat with u,text back any night u can make it.we should still b able 2 advice our selfs in our own little way

hey! dear,thanks 4 ur reply i really apricia8 u.hw are u coping over there.i believe things are runing smoothly.bt if not,try and reach me on my line 4 beter discussion.abt ur mail.i wish i can make myself avaliable at nit bt i work during days and b4 nit i will hwve get tired and even left office.but xtra cool can be alternative.i  m fola(07034394553)if u want 2 call kindly alart me 1st b4 10 in the night.wish 2 hear 4rm u again


From: tunji
11/07/2008 04:41:02

honeymix wrote:

cool,dont mind being ma friend

hey ...i would love us talk sometime too..do u have a yahoo messenger id..add me on ur list as xxxxx ok..feel free to do so..i hope to read again from u soon ..take good care of urself and be good

From: Gospel
11/03/2008 23:42:30

please can i be your friend


From: fola
11/02/2008 23:19:13

honeymix wrote:

gear up guy cos life is worth it.its only a happy heart that can recieve.like 2 chat with u

thankx honey!i really apricia8 u alot 4 standin bside me.well,it just that i m experiencin alot of stressss.i live in ibafo(ogun state) and  worked in lagos.

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